Spero optimizes your data entry and makes it a quick, easy, and fluid process resulting in greater efficiency and more accurate data

Easier Data Entry

With a clear and easy user interface and customizable forms and fields, entering data into your Spero System is a breeze.

Quicker Data Entry

Attendance tracking is quick and easy. With Spero's Scan Card Module you can simply scan an ID card and the individual is automatically checked in and out of scheduled events.

Fluid Data Entry

By providing quick and easy options to enter data, the data entry process can become more fluid in daily workflows and not “batch-entered” all at once resulting in higher quality input.

We have been using Spero System for several years now, we are now able to spend more time with the people we serve and less time in paperwork. Since Spero is in the "cloud" we have access to real time information from, allowing us to be informed about everyone we serve. We appreciate that Spero System is affordable and the customer service from the beginning to present has been a blessing. Spero System is customizable, so we don't have to pay every time we need a new field or a value to our drop down menu's, allowing us to collect and report what our founders and donors are asking for. When we hire new staff, the training time to use Spero is minimal, it's very user friendly, which also saves us time and money.

Dawna Hoofard | Controller | Good News Rescue Mission


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