Find out why human service providers across North America have made ServicePoint their system.

Use a Single Client Record For ALL Your Programs

By using a single client record, ServicePoint allows you to accurately track and coordinate your services across any geographical region or organization. No matter where clients access your system, you'll be ready to provide the most appropriate services without time-wasting duplicate entry and assessment. 

Revolutionize Your Reporting and Outcomes

ServicePoint's reporting tools allow you to utilize your data output in numerable ways. Get real-time perspective to accurately guide organizational decision-making, track resources and services across entire regions, demonstrate your organization's outcomes to providers and funders...Servicepoint's reporting tools are essential in maximizing your organizational outcomes.

Access Your System Where and When You Need It

ServicePoint is a hosted, web-based software system. There's nothing to install or update, and you can use any web browser on your desktop computer and most mobile devices to access your system.

Maximize Your Productivity With ServicePoint Modules

ServicePoint is already the most powerful and flexible human services software system on the market - but sometimes you may need additional functionality to get the job done. Our line of ServicePoint Modules expand the functionality of your system far beyond what you'd ever expect to maximize your productivity.

Streamline Your Workflows

Say goodbye to your stacks of paper forms and spreadsheets! Your ServicePoint System will be configured to stream-line your organization's workflows - from day-to-day client entry to annual reporting needs, ServicePoint condenses time-intensive workflows down to a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Worry Less About System Security

Leave that to us! ServicePoint contains a comprehensive security model offering multiple security levels to assure secure data visibility.

Give us a few minutes and we'll show you what ServicePoint will do for your organization!