Take your reporting to another level!

Choose from one of over 80 professionally designed "off-the-shelf" reports or build your own using this integrated SAP® Business Objects reporting solution we call ART (Advanced Reporting Tool) to:


Track and Forecast Trends to Inform Organizational Decision Making

Do anecdotal stories or data drive the decision making in your community? Our suite of Growth reports gives you the opportunity to monitor program growth over time. Let the data determine whether you need more Rapid Re-housing units or to hire additional Case Management staff.

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Gauge Impact of Services to Individual Clients or Across Your Community

Our reports can assist you with determining whether programs are achieving results. For example, do you have a new Employment Specialist working with your clients? See if these clients are increasing or maintaining income over time. Or learn whether your Housing Locators are getting clients into housing.

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Coordinate and Improve Client Care

Not only can you review data on a program level, but many of our reports allow you to look at specific client care. Are Case Managers setting goals and are clients achieving these goals? Review Client Case Plans to find out. You can also find out how quickly after program enrollment clients receive services and referrals by taking a look at the Expedience of Entry, Service and Referral report.

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Monitor Performance Outcomes and Evaluate Program Effectiveness

Is your community meeting the challenges posed by the new HEARTH outcome measures? Is Income increasing for your clients? Do you see reductions in the numbers of newly homeless clients? We have a wide variety of reports to assist you with performance outcome and evaluating program effectiveness. You can look at single programs or at system wide data and compare your results against industry standards.

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Comply With Funding and Regulatory Guidelines

We’ve got the bases covered for all of your HUD, VA and HHS needs. Our suite of reports includes the “basics” like the CoC APR and other HMIS required reports like the Point In Time, Housing Inventory Count, HOPWA CAPER/APR and HMIS APR for CoC Funded HMIS projects.

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