Your clients have real-time needs. Make real-time funding decisions.

FundManager allows for seamless integration of grant management and client activity, providing a full picture of how funds are spent and who funds assist.


Make Your Grant Management Simple

Case Managers are guided through the selection of appropriate funds for a service, and Fund Administrators have flexible options to set up their funds according to the to grant requirements. FundManager allows you to track which clients and households are receiving assistance dollars and for what services.

Do You Administer Funds? Here's Your Complete Toolset!

Fund Administrators control fund compliance parameters and which providers have access to the funds. Other flexible options include the ability to allocate assistance amounts to providers or leave the fund open for use on a first come, first serve basis.

Put Essential Assistance Information at the Fingertips of Case Managers

FundManager empowers case managers by guiding the workflow when providing assistance to their clients. Take the guesswork out of determining the best funding sources to assist clients by displaying only relevant funding source options and providing real-time fund balances. Case Managers are kept up to date on the status of fund requests and informed of the next steps needed to fulfill their clients' fund requests.

Provide Detailed Accountability for Grants and Funds

Make real-time auditing of your grant and fund management easy. FundManager provides unparalleled accountability for your funding as you easily track and report which clients or households are receiving assistance dollars and for what services.

Fundmanager Sandbox

Try managing funds in real-time - try FundManager!

Watch the FundManager overview video or use our FundManager Sandbox to see how easy it is to see a real-time picture of how funds are spent and who the funds assist.


Let us how you how to manage your funds in real-time!