Add a dynamic information and referral management tool to your ServicePoint® system.

Utilize CallPoint to log calls, capture information about callers, and refer those in need to the most appropriate community providers.


Accurately capture caller information to make appropriate referrals

Easily configure your CallPoint module to instantly capture the data you need to make the most appropriate referrals and meet special funding requirements. Save even more time with our inContact® integration!


Easily Coordinate Follow-Up During Call Intake

Schedule important follow-up activities during your calls! Coordinate these activities within call records for maximum service coordination and accountability.

Utilize Full Reporting Functionality

Easily access a library of reports, including the "2-1-1 Big Count", or create customized reports for statistics on all your call center activities. Use these critical reports to comprehensively demonstrate your outcomes to your funders and governing bodies.


Take your call center coordination to the next level! We can show you what CallPoint can do for your organization.