Coordinated Assessment isn't hard. (Honestly!)

All it takes is the right tools,
 planning to implement a powerful Coordinated Assessment Project that will support your community for years to come.

The people and planning are up to you - but our industry-leading software systems make implementing and maintaining an effective Coordinated Assessment Project simple and manageable.

Coordinated Assessment Standardised Access

Easily Maintain Standardized Access

Provide your community standardized access to your CoC System of Care - where and when they need it most!

The Access point is the coordinated entry point into the CoC System of Care. HUD requires that it cover the geographic region of the CoC, be easily accessible by individuals and families seeking homeless or prevention assistance and be well advertised. Easily coordinate your CoC's access points across any region with ServicePoint and provide your community standardized access when and where they need it most.

Coordinated Assessment Standardised Assessment

Stream-Line Standardized Assessment

Implement comprehensive and standardized assessment across your Coordinated Assessment Program.

Creating and implementing your assessment tools is a big part of the Coordinated Assessment design process. The powerful assessment tools built into ServicePoint allow you to stream-line and customize your assessment process to your specific needs. Use ServicePoint to easily document and use critical assessment data to provide the most appropriate interventions and referrals.

Revolutionize Your Referrals

Take the guesswork out of standardized and accurate referrals.

HUD requires that there is a referral provided for housing and/or services for individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis.

ServicePoint not only provides a standardized referral, but also tracks the length of time it takes to accept the referral, documents reasons the referral wasn't accepted, and much more!