Maximize your Information & Referral capacity.

This feature-rich, client-server software system meets and exceeds the needs of a diverse range of Information and Referral workflows such as 2-1-1, Aging, Crisis Lines, and other traditional I&R services.


Experience Powerful Resource Management

IRis features an easy-to-use module for creating and maintaining a database of service provider records, indexed and searchable by the AIRS Taxonomy, your own customized list of keyword services, or a combination of the two.

Repurpose Your Resource Records

Make your resource records available to the public in numerous ways! Share your resources online via CommunityPoint® and CommunityPoint Mobile Apps, quickly create a branded e-Directory for electronic searchable referrals without an internet connection, or easily create printed resource directories - however you need to connect resources to consumers, we've got you covered.

Customize Your Call / Client Intake

Collect as little, or as much, information as you want about the person who needs help, as well as the person making the call, in the workflow that best meets your operational needs.

Save Time With Instant Referral Matching

Use IRis' user-friendly search options to instantly match Caller/Client needs to resource providers saving valuable time. IRis standardizes your referral process, ensuring  your callers receive unbiased, targeted, and accurate referrals easily and efficiently.

Utilize Comprehensive Reporting

Create proof in black and white (or color!) that your organization adds value to your community with statistics showing persons served, referrals provided, average time spent on call, needs requested which were met or unmet and why, and more. Track information about system use, Caller/Client demographics, needs/unmet needs, referrals, and more using a library of included report templates.


Ready to grow your 2-1-1/I&R business? We can show you how!


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