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2-1-1 Arizona: Community Information and Referral Services

Community Information and Referral Services serves as Arizona’s key source of integrated information that brings people and services together to meet vital needs. It is our vision that all Arizonans are easily connected to available health and human services in their communities. We are the lead agency and provider of 2-1-1 services in Arizona.

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Big Bend

2-1-1 Big Bend

2-1-1 Big Bend aims to serve as the preferred 24/7 gateway to community services, support with a commitment to excellence, and provide assessment, emotional support, crisis assistance, education, training, and referrals with accurate, up-to-date resource information.

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2-1-1 Connects Tampa Bay

The long term vision of 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc. is to have a community that is connected and informed regarding critical health and human service information for those who need help and those who are willing to volunteer or donate their time to local community agencies.

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United Way

United Way's 2-1-1 of North Carolina

United Way of North Carolina is recognized as a respected and highly effective organization by its members within the United Way system, and its collaborating partners outside the United Way system. We are known as an instrumental force in ensuring that the United Way system in North Carolina is successful in addressing the essential human needs of our communities.

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