Bowman Systems is a software company determined to make the world a better place one community at a time.


Our Story

Bowman Systems provides industry-leading software systems to the human services industry. Our powerful software systems, ServicePoint®, CommunityPoint®, and Iris, utilize your critical information to dramatically enhance organizational efficiency and magnify your organizational outcomes.

Our Passion

Every member of the Bowman Systems team has a single passion - making the lives of those in need better through our software systems. Many of us have come from human service backgrounds which provides an invaluable perspective into the challenges and opportunities our customers manage on a daily basis. This passion is what fuels Bowman Systems.

Our Culture

Bowman Systems has a strong culture of collaboration and innovation that isn't contained within our office walls. Our software systems have been developed in partnership with the most knowledgeable human services professionals we know - our awesome customers. Through this culture of collaboration and innovation, Bowman Systems has been able to develop flexible products that apply innovative technology to pinpoint, meet, and exceed the unique needs of the human services industry. 

Our Growth

Ever since we implemented our first software system, Bowman Systems' influence and reputation within the human services industry continues to grow exponentially. Today, we serve over 500 communities across the United States and Canada.


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